Pact at the American Evaluation Association conference

October 16, 2014

This week Pact staff from around the world present on the breadth of our monitoring and evaluation work at the American Evaluation Association’s 2014 Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado.

The conference, “Visionary Evaluation for a Sustainable, Equitable Future,” explores how visionary evaluation can added to the public good by understanding sustainable and equitable living, integrating systems thinking and building relationships. AEA's annual conference brings together evaluators from around the country and around the world to share ways to conduct and use evaluation for public good.

Staff from Pact offices around the world, including Ethiopia, Myanmar, South Sudan and Washington, DC will present their work. Presentations featuring Pact staff include:

  • Quasi-Experimental Design and Mobile Data Collection for a Local Governance Baseline in Nepal.
  • Participatory Evaluation and Goal-Setting using the Local Governance Barometer in South Sudan.
  • Measuring Organizational Performance. Validity Study of the Organizational Performance Index. Measuring Community Performance in Myanmar.
  • Global Indicators and Tying Global Measurement to Strategy – Can this be used for Evaluation?
  • Developing Strategies to Increase Uptake of Mobile-Based Technologies for Evaluation at an International Non-Governmental Organization.
  • Are International Non-Governmental Organizations Adopting Mobile Technology into M&E Systems at the Organizational Level?
  • Strengthening Civic Education in Primary Schools (SCEPS): Evaluation of Level of Self Confidence and Participation among Primary School Students.
  • Identification and evaluation of an effective environment for microfinance.
  • From Capacity Development to Evaluating Capacity Development.

In addition to individual presentations, Pact staff will chair the following panels:

  • Trends in International Democracy and Governance Program Evaluations.
  • Evaluating Capacity Development: Measuring Organization and Community Performance.
  • Agency Level Measurements – Can they be Used to Evaluate Organizational Impact?
  • Harnessing the Potential of Mobile-Based Technologies for Evaluation: Opportunities, Challenges, and Key Considerations.

These presentations highlight Pact’s commitment to learning and to using a metrics and data based approach to development. To learn more about AEA’s annual meeting, visit the conference website. Follow @PactWorld on Twitter for highlights from the annual meeting!