How Russia’s war impacts the lives of Ukrainian women: Key findings

September 20, 2022
Alyona from Poltava region at her goat farm. Through the WINGS project, she received basic business skills training and seed funding to launch her business raising goats and making cheese. Credit: WINGS

In Ukraine, Pact partners with more than 70 local women's rights organizations across the country. The Women Included: Nurturing Growth and Security (WINGS) project strengthens women’s economic security by enabling their success as employees and entrepreneurs. When Russia’s war began, though, everything changed.“I dream about the day when Russia's military troops are forced to leave Ukraine. The day when they are brought to justice for all the crimes they committed in Ukraine. The day when all and everyone in Ukraine get back their sense of security and confidence,” says Alyona Gerasimova, Pact’s Country Director in Ukraine. 

“I know that this day will come sooner if women are engaged in peacebuilding and recovery efforts. Pact has been and will continue to promote women’s equal and full participation as active agents in peace and security.”

In August, the project interviewed 246 women by mobile phone about how the war has affected their lives. Below are some of our key findings. 

  • 45% of women had to flee their homes. Among those, only 16% have returned home. 
  • 10% of participants noted that they were subjected to violence, primarily economic or physical. 12 out of 44 women experienced multiple types of violence.
  • The priority of needs for today are getting a stable source of income and improving and acquiring professional skills.
  • The biggest challenges are chronic stress, feeling fear and worries for family members, a lack of communication and losing the rhythm of life.
  • The biggest losses were a sense of security, stability and confidence in the future.
  • The biggest gains were in terms of personal growth and acquiring new experience. 22% of women could not indicate any new gains during the war and 13% noted their absence.


An infographic with key survey findings.
Kateryna from the Lviv region selling her felted products at a fair. Credit: WINGS