On International Women's Day, Pact is keeping its promise to millions

March 8, 2016
A WORTH entrepreneur tends to her business in Cambodia.

International Women’s Day — today — is more than a celebration of women’s achievements. It’s also a call to action to advance gender equality around the world.

At Pact, we work every day to empower women and girls. Last year, we helped 2.3 million people gain better access to health and social services — more than half of them women. Of the nearly 900,000 people who boosted their income with Pact’s help in 2015, 97 percent were women.

In Nigeria, we’re helping women like Azibudi give their children a life free of HIV. Our work in Ethiopian mining communities is giving women miners like Nigisti safer, more secure livelihood choices.

In South Sudan, we’re empowering women like Queen and Rose to exercise their legal rights. In countries around the world, we’re helping women like Thu lift themselves and one another out of poverty with our signature WORTH program.

We’re proud of this progress, and we pledge to keep going until all women who are poor and marginalized are able to exercise their voice and own their future.

Because we believe that when women and girls do better, entire communities do better.