Pact welcomes first director of programs management

March 22, 2024
Image showing Pact's new director of programs management, Amy Power
Amy Power joins Pact in the new role director of programs management. Photo credit: Adam Fritz/Pact.

As Pact continues to expand our work around the world, we have created a new role to enhance our structures, processes and policies for efficacy and compliance across the global organization. We are pleased to welcome Amy Power, director of programs management, who will help bridge the gap between strategy and execution, while ensuring project implementation is successful, aligned with strategic objectives and that risks are appropriately mitigated. Amy, who joined the organization in February, is a seasoned leader with more than 20 years of experience managing development programs and strengthening the capacity of project staff and partner organizations. She has significant experience in managing complex development programs across Africa, Asia and Latin America. In this Q&A, she discusses her career, why she came to Pact and what she envisions for her role. 

Q: Tell us a bit about your background and skills. 
A: Serving as a Peace Corps volunteer led me to my career in international development. I’ve had the opportunity to support both humanitarian and development efforts, allowing me to work in diverse settings and develop different skills. My first overseas assignment was with CARE International serving as the camp manager for a large refugee camp. This is where I developed my initial program management skills. I learned a ton about the value of effective coordination and collaboration. Most of my career has centered around working with teams managing development projects, mainly global health projects. I consider myself a generalist, with expertise in establishing strong systems, processes and procedures to ensure projects are managed effectively and efficiently and deliver expected results.

How do you think your 20-plus years of experience working with NGOs and USAID has helped prepare you for this role? 
I'm so thankful for the opportunities that I have had working for innovative international development organizations and working with highly motivated and talented teams. My position at Pact combines many of my previous positions into one role. I've supported all aspects of U.S. government (USG) and non-USG funded projects, and I've led project management efforts for bilateral, regional and global projects with country buy-ins. I managed multiple types of contracts and cooperative agreements in a number of technical areas and regions. From my years working out of country offices, I understand the challenges country offices face and also understand the complex relationships between project offices, global support functions and funders. However, most importantly, I understand the value of maintaining strong, trusting relationships.

What interested you in coming to work for Pact? 
I was attracted to Pact's outstanding reputation and commitment to supporting locally led initiatives and locally owned solutions that are evidence-based and owned by the communities. I love that Pact has metrics to hold itself accountable for truly engaging communities. Pact's longstanding commitment to putting communities first serves as a solid foundation for future investments leading to sustained impact. The opportunity to support Pact's project management function as we learn how to use technology more effectively is extremely exciting to me. 

What do you hope to accomplish in the long term and what is your vision for the position? 
Long term, I would like to ensure operational systems are optimal to ensure our technical teams can focus on effectively supporting implementation and facilitating communities around the world in designing, implementing and evaluating interventions that will ensure their communities continue to thrive and be resilient. I will strive to act as a bridge between strategy and execution, ensuring that project implementation is successful, aligned with strategic objectives and that project risks are appropriately mitigated.  

How would you like to see Pact continue to improve through your guidance and leadership? 
This is such an exciting time to support communities. Locally led development is recognized and accepted by stakeholders across the entire value chain as essential for fostering sustainable results. Engaged communities is the cornerstone of Pact's work. To ensure Pact is best positioned to continue to support the development of local communities, project management functions need to be strong and supportive. I'm committed to ensuring project management is aligned with Pact's strategic objectives, supports cross-functional collaboration and continuous improvement.  

What are you looking forward to in this new role?  
Getting to know my new colleagues, gaining a deeper understanding of our work, working with all our departments to develop and roll-out processes that will benefit our projects and support our strategy. I am also excited to explore the NoMa neighborhood where Pact’s DC office is located, a new part of DC for me.