Why I give: Melinda Eloise Bailey

November 13, 2019
Zuhura, an artisanal gemstone miner in Tanzania who Pact supports through its Mines to Markets program.

I believe that caring for and about others is the cornerstone for living a good life. It is important to me that everyone has the chance to thrive. Even in my darkest and most financially challenging moments, I know there are people who could never imagine the sort of opportunities or resources available to me as an Australian citizen. By making charitable giving a habit, I hope I am saying that everybody matters.

I'm especially passionate about Pact's Mines to Markets program. Ethical Jewellery Australia is a jewelery design and manufacturing business that uses resources (gemstones) acquired from areas that Pact supports. However, because we also use recycled metals and recycled and lab created diamonds and gemstones, we also often bypass these communities in our supply chain. We wanted to ensure that either way, we acknowledge the contribution of artisanal miners in our industry and to support efforts to improve their living and working standards.

If you want to help local communities develop a more sustainable future, Pact addresses social and environmental issues faced by marginalized people in communities that provide commodities that we use every day.

Melinda Eloise Bailey is a gemologist and jewelery designer and co-founder of Ethical Jewellery Australia, a Pact donor. 

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