Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Pact works together with you to make a better world. We focus on inspiring and empowering businesses and organizations to strengthen capacity, uncover opportunities and integrate inclusion and sustainability for positive impact. 

How we serve clients

Nature-Based Solutions

Biodiversity loss, chemical and plastic pollution, forest cover loss, freshwater consumption, greenhouse-gas emissions and nutrient pollution can all result in adverse and irreversible environmental changes. Our nature-based solutions team works with leaders from across sectors and geographies to enable the transition to a net-zero and nature-positive economy. Working together with businesses and local communities, we co-create implementation strategies that generate new opportunities while identifying and managing systemic risks. We collaborate with the private sector and work directly with local communities and government at local, district, provincial and national levels to develop nature-based solutions, helping key stakeholders to mobilize financing and develop integrated and inclusive projects. The outcome of our assistance helps climate-proof business infrastructure and value chains while improving climate and disaster resilience in local communities.

Reducing Risk in Land-Based Value Chains and Operations

We assist businesses to reduce risk in their land-based commodity value chain and business operations through improved community engagement, while ensuring equitable and inclusive benefits to Indigenous peoples and local communities. Services include defragmentation of communications between value chain actors/stakeholders and Indigenous local communities in or around land-based investments; promotion of peace-building and relationship building for better business practices ensuring environmental and social safeguards for risk reduction; generation of long-term, viable and sustainable business presence in partnership with communities for financial win-wins. The outcome of our assistance is reduced conflict in business value chains leading to increased productivity and sustainability while improving local community livelihoods.

Supply Chain Greening

We partner with businesses to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from their land-based commodity supply chains. Together, we work to assess environmental and social risks in your supply chain, and provide support to change land management or production practices to mitigate risks. Activities include carrying out environmental and social due diligence of partner business activities and identifying areas for improvement; supporting the assessment of carbon footprints of businesses’ operations across landscapes and connection with service providers to develop emission reduction plans; and supporting the leverage of green finance to fund more environmentally responsible management and production practices.

Climate Vulnerability and Risk Assessments for Adaptation Strategies

We assist businesses to map and identify the activities in their value chain and business operations that could potentially be significantly affected by climate-related disasters to develop relevant adaptive action plans. We work with market stakeholders to employ locally-led approaches to climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction. We conduct participatory climate change vulnerability assessments (CCVAs) to observe and identify climate change impacts on local vulnerabilities, assess and prioritize risks, and develop adaptation plans. The outcome is using sound, data-driven and evidence-based approaches to strengthen the resilience of value chains, creating corporate resilience and supporting the resilience of communities that are part of the business value chain.

Increasing Demand for Distributed Energy Solutions

We collaborate with private actors to increase local community access to energy for productive uses, which in turn strengthens their sustainable livelihoods and improves their living standards. We support the potential for productive use of renewable energy within local communities and engage with mini-grid developers to meet the demand, employing community financing models. Activities include carrying out assessments to understand the demand for and ability to pay for productive use equipment and to connect to distributed renewable energy solutions; providing financing options for productive use applications that increase revenue generating potential for local communities while stimulating demand for DRE solutions; and strengthening the capacity of local village electrification committees to engage community and support loan repayments.

Capacity Strengthening

We help businesses and organizations to lay the foundations for sound, sustainable growth. We specialize in capacity development, using a holistic approach focused on improving the integrity, sustainability and impact of organizations. Capacity development assistance can include organizational assessments, financial management and internal control systems, grants management, strategic planning and management, project performance management, procurement systems, monitoring and evaluation, community engagement, human resource systems and facilitation skills.

Pact’s consulting services help organizations to achieve impact and create long-term business value. Contact us to learn more at @email