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Nosipho Gwebu Storer

country director

Siddarth Nagaraj

senior program specialist

Leveraging data, Pact fights Covid-19, boosts vaccination in Eswatini

February 23, 2023
When the Covid-19 pandemic began, sources of accurate information were scarce. That was the case in Eswatini, where Pact-supported community case workers were already working with thousands of...

Birth registrations are a vital tool for stopping HIV in Eswatini

December 13, 2022
When Vuyo Dlamini was born, his father was not in the picture. It was just one of the roadblocks that prevented his mother from registering him for a birth certificate. She also couldn’t afford the...

Photo story: Business Women

November 21, 2022
With Pact's support, women entrepreneurs thrive.

Improving community readiness for Covid-19 vaccinations

July 21, 2022
Nations around the world continue to work toward the World Health Organization’s target of fully vaccinating 70% of the population of all countries against Covid-19, and the 2nd Global Covid-19...

In Eswatini, here’s how we’re reaching more than 6,000 children with HIV treatment

July 12, 2022
Eswatini has a population of slightly more than a million people yet has one of the highest HIV prevalence rates in the world. That's why it is even more impressive that Eswatini was one of only two...

Photo story: 'Child by child'

June 14, 2022
Across sub-Saharan Africa, Pact is transforming the lives of vulnerable children.

Community engagement as key to Covid-19 vaccine uptake: Lessons from Eswatini

May 9, 2022
To increase the uptake of Covid-19 vaccination in Eswatini, the MOH and its partners have sought to understand community-level factors that influence vaccine acceptance. As a contribution to this...

To empower clients in improving their own health services, Pact turns to community-led monitoring

April 20, 2022
Last year, Pact’s health programming reached nearly 2 million people. From Africa to Asia, we supported communities as they accessed better maternal and child health care, improved and expanded the...

Defeating viruses through trust and compassion: Chronicles from Eswatini

April 12, 2022
This episode of the Global Development Primer podcast features Nosipho Storer, Pact's country director in Eswatini.

Photo story: 'One in three is far too many'

November 17, 2021
Pact works to end gender-based violence around the world through response and prevention.