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SSPC/Pact Sudan People to People Peacebuilding

The Southern Sudan Peace Commission (SSPC) was established in 2006 to promote peace among the people of Southern Sudan and strive to consolidate the peace ushered in by the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA). Pact Sudan worked closely with the SSPC in the following years, with operations and activities in the Transitional Areas (Abyei, Southern Kordofan, and Blue Nile).

This program, which ran from October 2008 to October 2009, supported the SSPC in implementing its 2008-2011 Strategic Plan in order to build unity in cooperation with partners through south-south dialogue and people to people peace processes and pursue national healing and reconciliation among communities. This project created synergies between local government structures and grassroots structures.

The program’s three main objectives were to build:

  1. The capacity of local actors to mitigate conflict and prevent escalation of violence.
  2. Tolerance and understanding between conflicting communities in Southern Sudan by training traditional leaders, youth and women in peace building and conflict mitigation.
  3. The capacity of the SSPC in monitoring, evaluation and reporting (MER) by providing technical training through targeted workshops for SSPC, as well as through mentoring of SSPC staff through the first two objectives.


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