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Choice Makufa

DREAMS Manager, ACHIEVE project

Choice Makufa is the DREAMS Manager for the USAID-funded ACHIEVE (Adolescents & Children, HIV Incidence Reduction, Empowerment, Virus Elimination) project at Pact. Starting her career at grassroots OVC care and support programs in Zimbabwe and Eswatini, Choice is a seasoned public health practitioner with more than 25 years of experience strengthening local and international civil society organizations as well as local governments’ capacities in the design and management of targeted and needs-based OVC and AGYW interventions, for differentiated services. Choice provides technical expertise in HIV & GBV prevention, OVC impact mitigation and intensive economic strengthening interventions in ACHIEVE buy-in countries including Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa and South Sudan. Her experience in working with peer-reviewed, evidence-informed curriculum developers to contextualize and adapt material ensures relevance, fidelity and improved health/livelihood wellbeing outcomes. Choice has an MPH, MSc in Development Management and BSc in Psychology.

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