Mason Ingram

Mason Ingram

Mason Ingram

Director, Governance

Mason Ingram is Global Governance Director at Pact, where he oversees technical assistance to a portfolio of civil society, local governance, and peacebuilding programs. Mason has more than fifteen of experience designing, advising, and managing international development programs, with a focus on civil society and governance programming. He helped lead the development of Pact’s Applied Political Economy Analysis methodology. He has led numerous APEA studies and other participatory governance assessments on topics such as illicit financial in Zimbabwe, social accountability in the health sector in Nepal, and community fisheries management in Malawi. Prior to joining Pact, Mason served as Country Director for International Relief and Development. He also spent 7 years teaching history and politics at the high school level. 


  • Governance

  • Civil society strengthening

  • Peace building and conflict resolution

  • Applied Political Economy Analysis