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2014 Global Measures

February 07, 2015
Measuring Pact's Mission Reports

Measurably transforming lives.

Making a promise is a start. Keeping a promise is what counts.

At Pact, we define a promise kept as a life measurably transformed for the better.

This report is full of numbers, but what it is really about is people: An HIV-positive mother in Nigeria who receives the health services she needs to avoid passing the virus to her baby. A miner in Burundi

who is fairly paid for his work. A young woman in Myanmar who has access to the credit she needs to launch a business of her own.

These are promises kept, lives measurably transformed.

Around the world, Pact helps millions of people who are poor and marginalized discover and build their own solutions and take ownership over their future. We believe that all people deserve to be healthy, to make a decent living and to gain lasting benefit from the natural resources around them.

This report reflects the millions of people who last year began realizing a better tomorrow.


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measurably transforming lives

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