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2019 Annual Report

July 12, 2019
Annual reports

Pact has long been known for our focus on local communities. Although we’ve expanded into new countries and practice areas over the years, our cornerstone has always been finding solutions in partnership with those we serve, helping them to build the skills, knowledge and tools necessary to take on development challenges on their own.

This is the heart of building community resilience. When solutions to poverty and marginalization are locally developed and led, communities are better equipped to overcome future problems, too. The recent Covid-19 pandemic is an important example. Around the world, we’ve helped communities build capacity to face health and economic crises. Now they are bringing that capacity to bear to meet a challenge we never could have predicted.

We think of this as balancing the scales. Wherever possible, shifting power and resources to those we serve. In addition to incorporating capacity development into all of our programming, we are using participatory methods to design our efforts in partnership with communities. To bolster this approach, in July, we added four new members to our board who represent our local partners.

In the pages that follow, we share some of what we accomplished in 2019, in the areas of peacebuilding, environmental protection, women’s economic empowerment and more. What we are most proud of, though, is how this programming has helped balance the scales for those facing poverty and marginalization. This is the thread that brings all of Pact’s work together.


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Annual Reports

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