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Dialogue initiative learning review

September 22, 2021

As part of a comprehensive set of interventions for augmenting the capacity of the MOP and other government and non-government peace actors, SIPED II carried out a pilot intervention aimed at facilitating constructive, action-oriented dialogue between and among communities and government representatives. Termed the Dialogue Initiative (DI), this experimental approach emerged out of discussions between the MOFPDA, USAID, and Pact and was aimed at providing a means through which state authorities could proactively address local-level conflict dynamics.
This final report begins by describing the contextual factors that contributed to the design and implementation of the DI, as well as a description of the methodology used to conduct the learning review. It then provides an overview of the key elements and steps of the DI process, before presenting findings related to the implementation and outcomes of the initiative. The report concludes by providing specific recommendations for the implementation of future programs similar to the DI.


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