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State of the global mini-grids market report 2020: Overview and key recommendations for Myanmar

September 23, 2020

Mini-grids have an indispensable role to play in the integrated approach to electrification that Myanmar needs in order to achieve universal energy access by 2030. From the arid plains of the Dry Zone to the mangrove forests of Tanintharyi, off-grid energy solutions are a viable, affordable way of connecting thousands of communities to a reliable source of electricity. In doing so, these technologies can boost incomes, grow businesses and catalyse economic growth for millions of people.

Recently, Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) and Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) released the State of the Global Mini-Grids Market Report 2020. The report, which represents the consensus opinion of international experts working alongside partner governments, provides updates on the global mini-grids market and identifies key trends with the aim of raising awareness, mobilising investments and serving as a benchmark to measure future progress.

In an effort to provide policymakers, investors and practioners in Myanmar with easy-to-understand information, the Smart Power Myanmar team has reviewed all 196 pages of the report and produced this tight summary that we hope helps partners to quickly hone in on the potential strategic implications for Myanmar’s nascent off-grid sector. For us at Smart Power Myanmar, this report provides robust evidence-base to justify the direction of our strategy and our key recommendations for Myanmar, including the need for a greater emphasis on least-cost planning; the need for innovative and results-based financing to bring down project development barriers; and of course the perennial need for greater investment in demand-side energy consumption initiatives. 


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