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Unconflicted: Conflict-free mining in the DRC, Rwanda and Burundi

July 15, 2015
Environment, Governance, Livelihoods, Business & markets

Throughout Africa’s Great Lakes region, the international community has closely watched, and regulated, the extraction and sale of conflict minerals – tin, tungsten tantalum (3Ts) and gold – in the hopes of curtailing ongoing violence. In 2010, Pact, along with regional governments, companies and other partners, began implementing the joint industry traceability and due diligence system developed by ITRI (the nonprofit global tin industry association) known as iTSCi (ITRI Tin Supply Chain Initiative). Unconflicted: Making Conflict-free Mining a Reality in the DRC, Rwanda and Burundi details the state of conflict-free minerals in The Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Burundi. The report provides an in-depth look at traceability and due diligence, as well as on-the-ground progress and challenges.


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