Pact e-magazine highlights progress for children affected by HIV

April 4, 2017

Today, Pact released the newest issue of All In, the global e-magazine on the integrated approach to international development. This latest edition explores the progress of integrated efforts to address children’s vulnerability because of HIV and AIDS in Africa. The publication highlights the necessity of an integrated approach to tackle this issue, among others.

Integrated development is one of the leading approaches to international development today. A holistic approach, integrated development considers the many interrelated factors that contribute to poverty and marginalization. All In, a highly designed, richly interactive e-magazine, provides an in-depth look inside Pact’s unique integrated approach and its application worldwide.

Across Africa, millions of children have been left vulnerable by HIV’s devastating toll on the continent, particularly Sub-Saharan Africa. As a result of Pact’s integrated approach, last year more than 608,000 orphans and vulnerable children and their caregivers received household economic strengthening services, knowledge of and improved access to healthcare, nutritious food, and understanding of children’s rights and links to child protection services. This combination of interventions supports sustainable, systemic solutions for caring for these children and reducing their vulnerability.

In addition to supporting vulnerable children, the e-magazine details other ways this unique approach to development is measurably transforming lives across the world, such as saving Cambodia’s natural resources and helping mothers provide for themselves and their children in Nigeria.

The latest edition of the e-magazine also explores the development community’s views of integrated programming and the top four questions on people’s minds about the development model. The issue also features an in-depth discussion with the director of Locus, a coalition of organizations supporting integrated, local solutions to development challenges.

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