At Paris Fashion Week, luxury brand Repossi launches new jewelry collection with stones from Moyo Gems

March 8, 2022
Two Moyo Gems miners pose for a photo in their village in Tanzania's Umba Valley. Credit: Michael Goima/Pact.
To celebrate her 15th anniversary as artistic director of a major luxury jewelry brand, Gaia Repossi was looking for a meaningful and engaging statement. With a commitment to sustainability and sisterhood, it was important for her to use the company’s position to raise women's visibility in the gemstone industry. When Repossi was introduced to Moyo Gems through the international gemstone buyer Maison Piat, she was struck by the idea to use her collection to support these values. Now, she is launching the collection using stones sourced from Moyo Gems at Paris Fashion Week
Moyo Gems is a responsible miner-to-market gemstone collaboration in East Africa made possible through a unique partnership between the Tanzanian Women Miners Association (TAWOMA), Pact, international gem traders, and brands like Repossi. Moyo Gems, part of Pact's ESG work under our Sustainable Markets portfolio, works with women artisanal gem miners and their allies to track beautiful gemstones from artisanal miner to market. Through Moyo Gems, Pact and its partners provide vital support to miners so that they earn fair prices for their gemstones and receive training to mine more safely. 
“This is the first time Moyo Gems has worked with a Place Vendome brand,” says Cristina Villegas, Director, Mines to Markets at Pact. “We are truly delighted to be a part of this incredible collection by Repossi.”  
A top goal of the Moyo Gems program is to change the way people look at jewelry. “We want to have the source of the gemstones be recognized and celebrated as much as the final jewelry design,” says Villegas. “We deeply admire the women who mine these gems, and their communities are beginning to thrive thanks to thoughtful sourcing decisions made by the biggest names in jewelry.” 
The Chromatic Sapphires collection using stones sourced from Moyo Gems will be available in Paris until March 15, and then will travel to Monaco, London, Tokyo, New York and Dubai over the course of the year.