USAID local partner meeting: ACHIEVE satellite session

November 16, 2022
ACHIEVE community case workers in Tanzania. Photo credit: Aidan Tarimo/ACHIEVE Tanzania

WEBINAR: November 14, 2022
USAID Local Partner Meeting: ACHIEVE Satellite Session
Institutionalizing Service Delivery Capacity among Community Based Cadres: Case Studies from OVC and DREAMS Programs

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Core to OVC and DREAMS programming is a cadre of community-based volunteers, mentors, and other workers that provide individual and group-based support to children, caregivers, and AGYW.  As the backbone of service delivery, OVC and DREAMS programs include mechanisms to develop the skills of these service providers and provide ongoing professional development support through supportive supervision, coaching, mentoring, and refresher trainings.  Community-based workers are essential to OVC and DREAMS programs because they can provide support at the household level, in a manner that recognizes and reflects the available resources and culture of the host community.  A challenge is that these community-based workers are often volunteers, with low literacy levels, yet they are asked to commit a significant amount of time to reaching families and AGYW, deliver a complex range of services, and they have strict data collection and reporting requirements.  These community-based workers are often supported by supervisors from local CBOs, who in turn engage with PEPFAR project teams and government officials that oversee their work.

ACHIEVE has developed a range of approaches to address the capacity development needs of community-based volunteers, including supportive supervision processes, conducting Trainings of Trainers, providing individual coaching and mentoring, and working with host country governments to professionalize these community roles within the health and social welfare systems.  In this Satellite Session, we will provide case studies of best practices in skills and capacity development for community cadres at each level, which will be coupled with a discussion among local partner participants to share additional best practices that they are implementing with their peers.  ACHIEVE will lead this session, with country-based presenters and local partners, sharing the case studies.