Capacity Solutions Platform

Empowering development practitioners to make the best decisions possible for their programs with real-time data.

Over the past 15 years, Pact has developed a suite of capacity development methodologies and tools that we have implemented and refined with our partners globally. In 2014, Pact developed the Capacity Solutions Platform (CSP) to make capacity development data reliable, transparent, and actionable for ourselves, our partners and our donors.

The CSP is an online platform that tracks and measures the results of organizations’ and networks’ capacity development efforts. It directly builds on Pact’s integrated and collaborative approach to development. Pact’s signature capacity development methodologies are incorporated into the platform, including the OPI, which USAID recommends as the preferred tool for measuring outcome-level organizational capacity changes.

With Pact's Capacity Solutions Platform, Pact and its partners are able to capture qualitative and quantitative data to track and understand organizations' progress. An important tool in Pact's ongoing effort to move the historical locus of development change out of the "project" context and into the appropriate local context, the CSP has now been used by more than 2,500 organizations in 30 countries, including local CSOs, multilaterals, governments and international nonprofits.

Available on any device with an internet connection, the Capacity Solutions Platform is a one-stop shop for collecting, analyzing and reporting on capacity development data.

The CSP enables

  • Donors, partners, researchers and implementers to access a standard capacity development measurement suite online.
  • Organizations to more-efficiently administer Pact’s signature capacity development tools using technology for data collection, storage, visualization, analysis and reporting.
  • Capacity development practitioners to help organizations and executives make informed decisions about their organizational performance based on reliable data and proven methodologies.
Powerful Features

Pact’s acclaimed signature capacity development methodologies and tools hosted on the CSP include:

  • Organizational Performance Index (OPI)
  • Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA)
  • Network Analysis
  • USAID Non-U.S. Pre-Award Survey (NUPAS)
  • Training and Mentoring Tracker

Donor agencies and other organizations can purchase the CSP customized with their institution’s branding. It is currently available in English, Bahasa Indonesian, French, Russian and Ukrainian. The CSP is accessible at any time on any device (internet access required) and is backed up and secured with industry-standard encryption (SSL).

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