Capacity Solutions Platform

The Analytics Platform for Capacity Development

As a global leader in capacity development, Pact created its Capacity Solutions Platform in 2014 to help organizations and practitioners make the best decisions possible for their programs by learning and adapting their capacity development strategies using real-time data.

Available on any device with an internet connection, the Capacity Solutions Platform is a one-stop shop for collecting, analyzing and reporting on capacity development data.

Who Uses Our Platform?

Local Civil Society Organizations Multilateral Organizations Governments International Nonprofits


“It’s never been easier to analyze capacity development data and share it with donors, communities and teams around the world.”

- Dmytro Mykhaylenko, Pact capacity building manager

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Powerful Features

  • Intuitive design and dynamic reporting features easily make sense of global data sets
  • Backed up and secured with industry-standard software and hardware
  • Used by Pact in more than 30 countries to track activities and make decisions about the effectiveness of capacity development interventions
  • Centralized, cloud-based data storage
  • Supports Pact’s proven capacity development methodologies, including the USAID-endorsed Organizational Performance Index (OPI), the Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA), and Network Analysis
  • Data review process ensures high data quality and consistent application of Pact’s methodologies
  • Includes the USAID Non-US Pre-Award Survey for local organizations working toward direct U.S. government funding