Digital financial services

Digital financial services

The myWORTH app digitizes Pact's signature community banking program and delivers quality financial services.

Pact believes in continually adapting our programs for the most impact possible. As digital financial services have become increasingly important to livelihoods and economies, Pact developed the myWORTH Android app to digitize and automate WORTH, our signature community banking program, and to offer quality digital financial services to communities in need.

The myWORTH app builds on Pact's 20 years of community banking experience. It digitizes paper processes for real-time data collection and analysis that flow into a platform that connects users with other vital financial and educational services. This strengthens new and existing networks for users to support each other and share resources, and it means community banking meetings can be spent focusing on building cohesion, skills and members' savings.

The myWORTH app is now in use by community banking groups across Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, where myWORTH was piloted. Pact is currently expanding elsewhere in Tanzania as well as in Eswatini and Zambia. In its current form, the myWORTH app provides access to WORTH curriculum materials for literacy and numeracy, community bank creation and enterprise development. It also features a messaging function.

Using insights gathered directly from users, Pact is continually adapting myWORTH to advance sustainable, inclusive economic development. The integration of electronic payments, digital records and a centralized credit score will serve as a runway for bank linkages and expanded access to capital, markets and non-financial services. The myWORTH app is evolving into a platform that connects users with a range of eLearning opportunities and formal financial services.

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