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Sustainable jewelry

April 26, 2021

Two articles in British Vogue discuss sustainable jewelry, in particular engagement rings. The first, from September 2020, declares that "In 2020, Sustainable Jewellery Is Finally Top Of The Agenda." Pact's Moyo Gems initiative is "one of a growing number of positive steps being taken in the jewellery industry to improve supply chain transparency and sustainability. It’s about time. The irony is that fine jewellery, which relies on miracles of nature for its inspiration and its value, has too often blighted the planet and the lives of its inhabitants in the process of its creation."

A followup article from April 2021 asks, "Is It Even Possible To Buy A Sustainable Engagement Ring?" The answer, of course, is yes, thanks to Moyo Gems. "For coloured gemstones, she has worked with female artisan miners who are fairly paid, and who often don’t have the opportunity to work at this end of the gemstone trade, for example: Moyo gems, which are sourced from members of the inspiring Tanzanian Women Miners’ Association."