Mae Tao Clinic: Strengthening the health system in Southeastern Myanmar (part one)

March 18, 2019

The Advancing Community Empowerment (ACE) project is working with Mae Tao Clinic and Karen Department of Health and Welfare (KDHW), to jointly strengthen the health system in Mu Traw district of Kayin state and Bago region by delivering critical services and building the health workforce.

Under the project’s grant, Mae Tao Clinic and KDHW are providing health care to the community through 14 Village Tract Health Centers and through Back Pack Health Worker Team in Kayin State and Bago region, covering around 85,000 people in the targeted area. Mae Tao Clinic and KDHW are also cooperating with the district health administration to standardize available services and establish standard operational procedures for treatments and referral to government facilities.

To date under the ACE project, which is supported by USAID, a total of eight Critical Service Grants are helping to reduce community vulnerabilities in southeastern Myanmar. More service grants for responsive health, education and livelihoods activities in the region will be awarded in the coming months.