A medic’s story: Providing lifesaving immunizations in remote communities in Tanintharyi, Myanmar

November 27, 2018

Naw Say Bel, a medic from Karen Ethnic Health Organization Consortium, is part of a dedicated team administering vaccinations under the Expanded Program of Immunization as part of the USAID-funded Advancing Community Empowerment project (ACE), which is implemented by Pact. In this video, follow her as she travels to remote communities of Tanintharyi Region in Southeastern Myanmar.

The delivery of the immunization program, primarily benefitting pregnant women and children under 5, is carried out in cooperation with the Myanmar Ministry of Health and Sports.

To date under the ACE project, a total of eight Critical Service Grants are helping to reduce community vulnerabilities in southeastern Myanmar. To learn more about new grant opportunities related to health, education and livelihoods services to rural communities in underserved and hard-to-reach communities in the southeastern region of Myanmar, please visit the following link.