Pact welcomes new country director in Myanmar 

August 25, 2020

 In August 2020, Pact welcomed Kelland Stevenson as Country Director in Myanmar. He brings a wealth of experience, with more than 35 years in international development work in both humanitarian and development contexts. Kelly has worked in Myanmar for almost a decade and has had firsthand exposure to each of the country’s diverse states and regions, helping him to understand and appreciate Myanmar’s cultural and social nuances, including its many ethnic groups. Kelly has worked across numerous sectors including social cohesion and peace-building, health, education, livelihoods and youth empowerment. He says he believes Pact’s integrated, community-focused approach to development is why the organization has been so impactful thus far.  

 “A third of Myanmar’s population is below the poverty line, according to World Bank figures, and many more, another third, are very near to the poverty line,” Kelly says. “As we know, poverty is multi-dimensional. There is not one solution. I think it’s important that we do take a holistic view.”   

Kelly is committed to supporting positive outcomes for a peaceful, prosperous and democratic Myanmar. Meet him in this video.  A version in Myanmar language is here