From trash to treasure: The making of Pact Myanmar's 2019 Diary

January 1, 2019

2019: A Year of Transformation

As 2019 starts, Pact is undertaking a global transformation towards becoming a fourth sector enterprise and finding new systemic solutions to the development problems around us. This transformation is already being felt in Myanmar with the launch of Smart Power Myanmar, an innovative new platform that is developing a revenue-generating model to supply renewable energy to millions of people across the country. It’s an exciting time for us as an organization.

During times of transition, it is always useful to keep in mind our purpose and vision. This year’s colorful diary is symbolic of Pact’s mosaic, which captures our vision and the vibrant diversity at the core of Pact’s purpose. Our mosaic is made up of many pieces: the various sectors of our unique approach, and the multiplicity of all our staff, partners and communities in which we work around Myanmar. It is all these pieces together that creates our mosaic and reminds us of what we can achieve together. The diversity of expertise, viewpoints & experiences is one of Pact’s greatest advantages to innovate and create change.

This diary also shows another transformation: from trash to treasure. Through Pact Myanmar’s Swan Yi project, we have linked with a local Myanmar based social enterprise, Chu Chu (which means plastic in Myanmar language). Chu Chu produces beautiful useful products out of recycled materials, making a positive impact on the environment for Myanmar and the world. The organization also empowers women around the country, employing women to sell their products and inspiring them to find creative new sources of income. The recycled plastic mosaic cover of this diary is a reminder for us all to think about how we can build local promise into all our work. 

Please watch the short video on the making of the diary “From Trash to Treasure: The Making of Pact Diary 2019.” I hope it will inspire you in your daily work and life. Change starts with a single promise. Imagine the transformations that are possible when we all work together.

-Leonard Buckles, Pact Myanmar Country Director