Helping vulnerable people exercise their voice, access their rights

December 10, 2015

"Our Rights. Our Freedoms. Always." That’s the theme for this year’s Human Rights Day.

At Pact, we believe all individuals are entitled to fair treatment under the law and protection from harm. That’s why, across Africa, Asia and Latin America, we help people understand and seize their rights.

In South Sudan, the world’s newest country, more than 45,000 people have been educated about human rights and South Sudan’s laws since independence because of Pact and our partners.

In Ukraine, Pact’s partners demanded and succeeded in bringing about unprecedented change, ushering in government reforms and ousting a corrupt president. Today, pro-reform activists sit in parliament and are helping citizens realize their economic, political and civil rights.

In Colombia and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Pact is helping children take back their childhoods and live free of hazardous work. Working with public- and private-sector partners, as well as families and mining communities, we’re addressing the root causes of child labor in mining and strengthening child protection policies, already reaching more than 7,000 children.

Pact is committed to working with communities, civil society, governments and the private sector to ensure vulnerable and marginalized populations can enjoy their rights and freedoms. Always.

To learn more, read our stories from Ukraine and Congo. For more on our work in South Sudan and Colombia, watch the videos below.