Democratic Republic of Congo

For more than two decades, Pact has worked hand in hand with communities in DRC to improve lives, particularly among the country’s many artisanal and small-scale miners. Our work has markedly reduced child labor in mining and fosters a more prosperous, peaceful future for DRC. Learn more below.

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Since 2003, Pact has worked on a wide range of development issues in the Democratic Republic of Congo, mostly focused on artisanal and small-scale mining communities. Our work in DRC is helping to make this vital livelihood safer, more formalized and productive, and free of human rights abuses. This includes DRC’s critical ASM cobalt sector.

For more than a decade, Pact led field implementation of ITSCI, the International Tin Association’s tin supply chain initiative. ITSCI is the region’s only internationally accepted, operational due diligence mechanism and mineral traceability system for the 3T minerals: tungsten, tin and tantalum. This allowed tens of thousands of miners to earn a dignified living and build a better future for themselves and their families. In 2023, Pact transitioned its role in ITSCI to local management. 

Since 2015, Pact has supported communities in DRC to reduce child labor in mining, including in the ASM cobalt sector. In partnership with local and international partners as well as private-sector companies, we are addressing this critical issue. With positive, collective action and an integrated package of interventions designed to address root causes, we have changed attitudes and norms regarding child labor, increased community awareness of children’s rights and helped families find alternative ways to earn income, including through livelihoods development for caregivers and vocational training for older youth.

In partnership with USAID, Pact is also working to reduce conflict between DRC's Twa and Bantu people by strengthening conflict mitigation mechanisms and resolution processes for peacebuilding, and improving livelihoods through social cohesion and collaboration.

Pact’s diverse funding streams in DRC include both public and private sector funding, allowing for a dynamic and holistic portfolio. We work with a wide range of stakeholders including communities, local civil society organizations, industry, and national, provincial and local government institutions.


Democratic Republic of Congo


Democratic Republic of Congo

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