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Patricia Henao Saavedra

country director

Diana Muratova

deputy director

Flower company becomes empowerment space for women workers in Colombia

August 4, 2022
For women like Ana Hernández, time is extremely valuable. Hernández works at Sunshine Bouquet, a cut flower company in Colombia. Like other women workers across Colombia, she faces a tough reality....

Improving community readiness for Covid-19 vaccinations

July 21, 2022
Nations around the world continue to work toward the World Health Organization’s target of fully vaccinating 70% of the population of all countries against Covid-19, and the 2nd Global Covid-19...

We know it is possible: Ending child labor in mining

June 1, 2022
From Africa to Latin America, Pact has worked for more than a decade to end child labor in mining – one of the worst forms of child labor. Using systemic, evidence-based and child-centered strategies...

In the Amazon, a climate linchpin, Pact’s Vanessa Coronado builds indigenous capacity to protect rights, the environment

March 7, 2022
It was late 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic had been halting life around the world for months. The Amazon region was no exception, but Pact’s team and local partners there were determined to not let...

The power of agroecology: Women harvest autonomy in the fight for their rights

March 3, 2022
AMOY is a women’s organization that works for food sovereignty, environmental protection and the prevention of violence against women in the municipality of Yolombó, in Antioquia, Colombia. Vamos...
Members of the Pilares Solidarity Network El Bagre prepare for a conference on child labor prevention. Credit: Maximiliano Arrieta/Diseñart.

Strengthening local organizations to stop child labor in Colombia’s gold mining communities: Lessons from the Pilares project

March 1, 2022
When we started the Pilares project, we knew one thing for certain: Child labor and other unacceptable working conditions are an intractable problem in Colombia’s gold mining communities.

Music as a strategy to prevent child labor in Colombia

January 11, 2022
An initiative for the productive use of free time and the prevention of child labor, implemented through an alliance between civil society, international cooperation and local governments. 
Women in San Roque, Colombia, who took part in a Vamos Tejiendo activity with the local mayor's office to promote women's rights. Credit: Vamos Tejiendo.

The Vamos Tejiendo project: We must create safe environments for women

November 25, 2021
It is critical to talk about gender-based violence as a major barrier to women's autonomy and development. Globally, one out of every three women over 15 years of age has suffered some type of...

Photo story: 'One in three is far too many'

November 17, 2021
Pact works to end gender-based violence around the world through response and prevention.