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Patricia Henao Saavedra

country director

Diana Muratova

deputy director

Women in San Roque, Colombia, who took part in a Vamos Tejiendo activity with the local mayor's office to promote women's rights. Credit: Vamos Tejiendo.

The Vamos Tejiendo project: We must create safe environments for women

November 25, 2021
It is critical to talk about gender-based violence as a major barrier to women's autonomy and development. Globally, one out of every three women over 15 years of age has suffered some type of...

Photo story: 'One in three is far too many'

November 17, 2021
Pact works to end gender-based violence around the world through response and prevention.

Three things you didn’t know about the hidden work of girls

October 12, 2021
Girls working in agriculture are at risk of physical harm and gender-based violence. 

Do community-led programs have a role in Covid-19 vaccine preparedness? Lessons from Colombia 

September 21, 2021
Community engagement is widely acknowledged as essential for achieving effective and equitable Covid-19 vaccination to end this pandemic. Yet, there is limited understanding of how development...

Eight initiatives awarded in the 'Walking Towards Justice' awards

September 14, 2021
Community leaders, journalists, lawyers and representatives of human rights organizations were awarded for their work on behalf of migrant communities in Colombia.  

Partnerships between the public, private and civil society sectors are key to promoting women's democratic participation

September 14, 2021
On International Democracy Day, we're highlighting the importance of recognizing and overcoming the barriers women face to equal political and social participation in Colombia. 

Local Civil Society Organizations as Key Actors to Reduce Child Labour in Rural Colombia

September 8, 2021
Rather than bolstering the economic fortunes of its residents, gold mining has entrenched conditions of poverty and chronic violence. Some children in San Martín engage in mining, especially in...

Photo story: Women walking toward justice

August 24, 2021
Improving the lives of Venezuelan migrants in Colombia.
Jean Fillippe Paky’s representation of the natural life cycle. (Photo: SCIOA)

With support from Pact, an indigenous organization awakens

August 12, 2021
As humans, we tend to fall victim to automatic pilot mode: We move forward without being fully engaged in where we’re going. The same happens to organizations. They may know what their aims are, but...