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Leslie Mitchell

country director

Emmanuel Lamptey

program manager

In Kenya, Pact’s cross-cutting approaches in governance and capacity development are leading to peace along the country’s borders with Somalia, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Uganda as well as democratic reforms advocated by Kenyan NGOs.

For five years, Pact has been working to defuse border tensions, facilitating civilian-military dialogue, training hundreds of peacebuilding facilitators and supporting dozens of local peace groups and committees.

In 2012, we undertook 16 border-area peace-dividend projects that include community centers, schools, clinics and markets. In the same year, we piloted programs in support of 2,500-at-risk youths in the region.

As a result of Pact’s other efforts to help Kenya strengthen its democracy, nearly 80 civil society organizations and community nonprofits are more deeply engaging their government, advocating for reforms, pressing for more transparency and accountability, and working together to find legislative solutions. Last year, Pact's governance work supported 430 initiatives in those areas as well as conflict mitigation, peacebuilding, and health.

Recently, we began working with lead partner Management Sciences for Health and eight national civil society organizations to offer communities improved access to health care.

Stories and Highlights

Women in peacebuilding in Kenya’s borderlands

January 2, 2019
Pact's PEACE III project, funded by USAID, works along Kenya's borders with Uganda, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Somalia to strengthen conflict-management systems and build the capacity of regional and...

From hard beginnings, a youth peace initiative in Kenya thrives with Pact and USAID support

November 15, 2018
Noor Daher Ali, an ethnic Kenyan Somali, knows well the lure of Al-Shabaab. He grew up poor in this coastal town, where unemployment, poverty and illiteracy make young people vulnerable to...

'Peace has brought back our income': A Pact partner builds stability in a volatile African border region

November 15, 2018
There was a time when the Turkana people of South Omo, in northern Kenya, lived in so much fear and conflict that the region was essentially a no-go zone. “In the past, people did not stay in the...

The economic contributions of artisanal and small-scale mining in Kenya: Gold and gemstones

October 26, 2018
Artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) activities have been a significant source of employment for Kenyans, playing a critical role in poverty reduction and rural development. Even so, limited data...

A lesson from Turkana in the true impact of peacebuilding

September 10, 2018
Turkana is a county in the northwest of Kenya that touches the borders of Uganda, South Sudan and Ethiopia. It is both a stunningly beautiful and forsaken place where mountains and steep red canyons...

‘I have seen the light’: With Pact’s help, a Ugandan fighter puts down his weapons

November 8, 2016
Now a member of the Kaabong Peace Ambassadors, a Pact support group for reformed warriors, Peter Acia is remaking a life of peace and productivity.

Mastering tools to design local solutions to development challenges

July 23, 2015
The recent Design, Partnering, Management and Innovation (DPMI) training was an intensive two-week certificate program about designing local solutions to important development challenges. I was...