Levina Kikoyo

country director

Kelly Herman

program officer

General Resource

Brochure: Pact's gold and gemstone program (Mines to Markets)

October 18, 2018
A brochure on Pact's work with gold and gemstone mining communities, part of Pact's Mines to Markets program.
Fact Sheet

WORTH's global reach

May 16, 2018
WORTH's global reach describes Pact’s award-winning WORTH program, which brings together groups of women and older girls and uses a combination of literacy training, community banking and...
Fact Sheet

Mines to Markets

May 15, 2018
For more than a decade, Pact has been helping resource-dependent communities to gain lasting benefits from the more sustainable use of the natural resources around them. Mines to Markets...

Pamoja Tuwalee: Integrated development case study

November 21, 2016
This case study, one in a series, focuses on Pact’s Pamoja Tuwalee project in Tanzania, which works to improve the lives of vulnerable children and their caregivers. The case study unpacks...