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Amanuel Dibaba

country director

Maggie Marshall

program officer

Pact is empowering communities, organizations and the government in Ethiopia to build peace, prosperity, and an enabling environment for sustainable development, despite the country's longstanding struggles with poverty and conflict. 

We believe that resilient states and communities are capable of absorbing shocks and managing challenges while maintaining political stability and preventing violence. Based on this idea, with our many partners we're helping Ethiopian communities to respond to, manage and minimize conflict, both within Ethiopia and across borders. Our programming engages local government agencies, women, religious leaders, security forces and people vulnerable to engaging in conflict and violence. Pact also works to promote economic development to reduce insecurity and instability.

We're also working to develop the capacity of Ethiopia’s civil society and its contribution to national development, poverty reduction and the advancement of good governance.

Stories and Highlights

Community members in South Omo gather for a Hamer-Dassenach discussion. (Credit: SND/SEEK)

‘We have to feel our neighbors’ pain’: On the Kenya-Ethiopia border, feuding groups unite after crisis

November 23, 2020
In September, heavy rains drenched Ethiopia’s South Omo region, home to the Dassenach community. Nearby Lake Turkana overflowed its banks, destroying agricultural and grazing fields and displacing...
Bereket Woldemariam

For a young man in Ethiopia, an invitation to build peace turns his life around

September 11, 2020
Bereket Woldemariam is a passionate 22-year-old from Dire Dawa, Ethiopia. A formerly booming metropolis known across Ethiopia for its egalitarian values and diverse population of loving and...

In the Mandera Triangle, RASMI takes action to build police-community trust amid Covid-19

August 15, 2020
As the Covid-19 pandemic stretches on, governments are hard-pressed to return their countries to some sense of normalcy, even as the virus continues to spread. In Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia,...

From peace champions to health champions: 'Boundary partners' in the Horn of Africa fight Covid-19

July 31, 2020
Since 2017, Pact's RASMI project has worked to build peace in the shared border areas of Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya, known as the Mandera Triangle. The region has long experienced armed conflict,...

Investing in local businesses to maintain peace and security during Covid-19

June 25, 2020
Recognizing the negative economic impact of Covid-19 on livelihoods, Pact is procuring masks and soap produced by businesses in the community to boost the local economy in South Omo, Ethiopia....

In Ethiopia, Pact supports communities to peacefully improve water access

October 22, 2019
Amibara woreda, in Ethiopia's Afar Regional State, has a desert climate with little rainfall. Compared to national and regional standards, Amibara’s water ranks among the lowest for access, quality,...

Restoring farmland and livelihoods builds peace in Ethiopia

October 21, 2019
Shedi and Safi Ali have six children. Both were born in Hameti Meta Dayma, a village in Mieso woreda, in Ethiopia's Oromia region. Their family made a living farming crops and livestock, but it...

With Pact’s support, Ethiopia Ministry of Peace launches new conflict early warning and rapid response system

October 2, 2019
Fueled by poverty and tension among the country’s ethnic groups, conflict has long beset Ethiopia. International and Ethiopian partners have worked with the government as Africa’s second most...

To foster peace in the Horn of Africa, Pact supports Turkana cultural festival

August 19, 2019
Pact's Selam Ekisil project supported the annual Tobong’u Lore cultural festival in Lodwar, Turkana, to help foster peace, prosperity and local development in the border region, which historically...

Lullabies of peace: Women peacebuilders in the SEEK project

June 26, 2019
Women are taking a leading role in promoting cross-border peace and countering violent extremism in the cross-border areas of Kenya and Ethiopia where the SEEK project operates. They are at the...