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Monitoring, evaluation, reporting and learning for peacebuilding programs

October 03, 2016
Results and measurement

Robust monitoring, evaluation, reporting, and learning (MERL) are critical components of successful programming. The MERL components enable program stakeholders to monitor progress and evaluate the achievement of expected results. Measuring the success of peacebuilding programs poses specific challenges that are unique to this program area. This module was developed to guide PEACE III local program partners— peacebuilding practitioners—through the development and implementation of effective and practical MERL systems for their projects. This five-year cross-border peacebuilding program is implemented by Pact in partnership with Mercy Corps and a range of local partners with activities in Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, and Uganda. PEACE III aims to strengthen cross-border conflict management in the Horn of Africa and is pursuing two related objectives: 1) to strengthen local cross-border conflict management and 2) to improve the responsiveness of regional and national institutions to cross-border conflict.


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