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Network strengthening toolkit, module 3, network analysis part 2

April 24, 2019
Capacity development

The Network Strengthening Toolkit is a set of educational publications developed by Pact’s Capacity Development team that explores the theories, approaches, and step-by-step techniques of analyzing and strengthening networks. The toolkit includes four modules that can be read for information on their own or that can be facilitated to a group to help them strengthen their network. Networks have become increasingly important elements of capacity development over the past decade. In that time, Pact has nurtured and harnessed our understanding of groups of stakeholders. This toolkit is a product of this insight and provides a comprehensive methodology for strengthening these networks. This toolkit is designed for all levels of practitioners who want to understand, analyze, and improve various types of networks, including individuals or organizations. The toolkit promotes a graduated approach to network analysis and strengthening techniques and methodologies.

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