Livelihoods & Economic Opportunities

Pact's livelihoods work creates systems-level change, and it gives people affected by poverty and marginalization the tools and skills they need to become heard, capable and vibrant.



people with increased net income and savings in 2017

Our goal is to ensure that people with limited livelihood choices gain the resources to be income secure. Our livelihood development programs use an integrated approach to holistically prepare families to be resilient to unforeseen shocks and able to provide for the needs of their families today and tomorrow.  Our approach is to meet those challenged by poverty where they are, and deliver the tools they need to address root causes and adjust to the often-shifting social and economic landscape around them.

Zuhura was forced into a polygamous marriage at a young age. As the last of her husband’s six wives and many children, she has struggled to provide for the needs of her six children. Through Pact’s household economic strengthening programming for vulnerable households in Tanzania, Zuhura and her children’s’ future have never looked brighter. Zuhura has been able to open her own business and send her children to school while planning for the future.

“WORTH has saved the lives of my children. Through the loans I was receiving from my group I was able to start my small business of selling vegetables, poultry and now my tailoring business. I am not afraid of the future of my children. My children are going to school just like any other children in my village…One day I am going to buy my own plot and build a house for my children.”

Our livelihood development programs help people like Zuhura to help themselves as they build their assets, save, plan and expand their own livelihood strategies to secure a firmer financial footing for the long term. Pact also builds the capacity of local institutions, agencies, networks, and service providers, to better respond to the needs of the individuals they aim to serve. 

Our livelihood programs focus on the following areas: food security, women's economic empowerment, child labor, financial services, OVC household economic strengthening and mining.

Our Livelihoods & Economic Opportunities Work in Action

Men and women hard at work at a mine site in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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August 30, 2018
When was the last time you thought about the minerals inside your cell phone or laptop? Where did they come from? Who mined them?

Photo story: MyWORTH

June 26, 2018
Technology and the digitization of Pact's signature micro-banking program are empowering young women.

The importance of access: Empowering women through technology in Tanzania

June 26, 2018
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Young woman in Tanzania shows off her phone with the MyWORTH app.

Opening doors for young women in Tanzania

June 26, 2018
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With new business skills, caregivers of vulnerable Tanzanian children provide for their families

May 21, 2018
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Pact launches Energy for Prosperity, a global initiative to improve energy access in developing communities

May 2, 2018
Today, Pact announced the launch of a new global initiative called Energy for Prosperity (E4P) to improve energy access in low- and middle-...
A young woman in Tanzania opens the MyWORTH app.

Technology to provide leg-up to rural women

March 8, 2018
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The FISH project in Malawi

December 19, 2017
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Dickson Boumono, a WORTH participant in Nigeria

With better financial footing, families able to make health gains in Nigeria

October 11, 2017
Dickson Boumono has her hands full with five children. Boumono and her family live in Southern Ijaw, an area in Bayelsa, one of Nigeria’s...