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James Grall

regional director

Peter Newman

program officer

As one of the longest-serving international NGOs in Myanmar, Pact has been helping people here to improve their lives since 1997. We use locally developed and owned solutions and work closely with citizens, local government and civil society.

With partners that have included USAID, UNDP, The Rockefeller Foundation, Chevron, Coca-Cola, Ooredoo, Shell, 3MDG, LIFT, and thousands of local organizations and community groups, Pact designs and implements projects that maximize local ownership and leverage existing systems and networks. Our work has covered a broad spectrum of interventions, including health, livelihoods, local governance, civil society strengthening and renewable energy.

We combine community education with grassroots governance through Village Development Committees (VDCs) and financial sustainability through Village Development Funds (VDFs). We strengthen local communities by promoting inclusive and participatory village decision-making, supporting transparent and accountable community development, and mentoring organizations to develop their institutional capacity.

Through the Advancing Community Empowerment in Southeastern Myanmar project, supported by USAID, Pact works with communities to bolster their ownership, capacity and action to meet the needs of the most vulnerable; broaden participation for more inclusive decision making; and strengthen mechanisms for more responsive and accountable local governance.

Through Smart Power Myanmar, Pact is helping to accelerate access to renewable energy in off-grid areas by bringing together key players in the public and private sectors, spurring economic growth and transforming lives in rural communities. 

Pact Global Microfinance Fund is Myanmar’s largest microfinance institution. Learn more about Pact Global Microfinance Fund in Myanmar.

Pact envisions a Myanmar where vibrant and diverse communities exercise their voice and build lasting solutions for a better life. We’re successful when communities can say, “We did it ourselves.”

Stories and Highlights

Q&A: How Pact is building sustainable energy access & productive energy use around the globe

September 27, 2022
Globally, more than 1 billion people lack access to reliable, affordable energy. This presents a significant roadblock to development. Pact is working to end energy poverty and build a future in...

Amid Myanmar’s political unrest and blackouts, solar energy is a lifeline

August 30, 2022
In Myanmar, the idea of having electricity all day, every day is a dream for nearly everyone. As the most energy poor country in Asia, Myanmar has long suffered from an unreliable power grid, and...
A WORTH group meets in Myanmar in 2017. Credit: Brian Clark/Pact

Eleven years, 40,000 women empowered: WORTH in Myanmar

September 30, 2021
Growing up in a rural village in Thaton Township, Nan Cherry Kyaw had an example of female leadership to look to that many other girls in Myanmar did not: her mother. Her mom was treasurer of a local...
Participants at a three-day SIP training event in Viet Nam in September.

Water management capacity building in the year of Covid-19

January 25, 2021
When the first Covid-19 cases were reported, the Sustainable Infrastructure Partnership team was still closing out its biggest annual event, the Mekong Research Symposium in Hanoi, Vietnam. Almost...

Providing low-literacy Covid-19 education in rural southeastern Myanmar

January 24, 2021
Across southeastern Myanmar, Pact and our partners are providing critical Covid-19 education to rural villages through our Advancing Community Empowerment project, funded by USAID. Our local...

Electrification is vital to fight against poverty in Myanmar

January 22, 2021
No country on earth has achieved meaningful development for its people without mass access to reliable, affordable electricity. In this Myanmar Times article, Pact's Richard Harrison and Smart Power...

Our core values: respect, integrity and inclusion

January 5, 2021
Pact's three core values are respect, integrity and inclusion. We believe it is essential that each of our staff members applies these values not only internally but also externally when working with...

Universal Health Coverage Day: Health for all - protect everyone

December 10, 2020
During the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, local partner Burma Medical Association (BMA) has been adapting its health and education activities which focus on improving health and early childhood...

ACE: Update on request for applications - Strengthening Media Coverage

December 2, 2020
Notice (November 3, 2020) The Advancing Community Empowerment in Southeastern Myanmar (ACE) project, funded by USAID, is pleased to announce a request for applications seeking to fund activities that...

ACE: Update on request for applications for protecting rights of vulnerable communities in Southeastern Myanmar

November 5, 2020
Notice (October 1, 2020) The Advancing Community Empowerment in Southeastern Myanmar (ACE) project, funded by USAID, is pleased to announce a request for applications seeking to fund activities that...