Community-based natural resource management

Community-based natural resource management

Pact supports communities around the world to responsibly undertake natural resource management on their own.

The wellbeing of planet and people are inextricably linked. Natural resources and healthy ecosystems sustain humanity, and the best stewards of these resources and ecosystems are the local communities and Indigenous peoples who live in and near areas of high conservation value. Pact supports communities around the world to undertake effective natural resource management (NRM) that benefits both people and the environment. Community-based NRM brings together conservation and sustainable development to overcome social challenges such a poverty, hunger and climate change.

Using our proven methods in capacity development, Pact strengthens the capacity of communities to design and carry out natural resource management initiatives, from creating community conservation committees to enforcement of key environmental policies. Community-based NRM creates incentives and builds conditions for people to use natural resources responsibly. Beyond conservation, community-based NRM empowers communities, enables them to pursue rural development and poverty reduction, and promotes democracy and good governance in local institutions.

Through community-based NRM, Pact is helping to stop overfishing, destructive land use, poor farming practices and more. This helps communities to adapt to climate change, and it can make a significant difference in the lives of people who rely on natural resources for food and for income that enables them to afford housing, health care and education expenses for their children.

Nature-based enterprises

Biodiversity conservation and economic development are often deemed to be mutually exclusive, with economic development incentivizing forest degradation and unsustainable resource exploitation. However, there are existing models of social enterprises that reduce pressures on biodiversity through the promotion of sustainable or alternative livelihoods that generate revenue. Using Pact’s strong capacity development acumen, we support the establishment or strengthening of nature-based enterprises for development that are compatible with landscape-level conservation. We work to develop robust enabling environments for these enterprises, which includes access to finance and markets, policy reform and clear access rights.

Our Approach to Natural Resource Management

For community-based NRM to be effective, communities must be empowered to make sustainable management decisions. They need rights over their land and resources, and they need accountable institutions and decision-making bodies that represent community members. Communities also must benefit economically from natural resource management.

Land and resource governance

Rampant and unsustainable economic development is putting greater pressure on natural resources and ecosystems across the globe. Pact works with communities, institutions and governments to responsibly conserve, sustain and manage natural resources, enabling systemic solutions. Pact accomplishes this by strengthening local capacity and forging effective systems for the governance of countries' natural resources. Pact works at the intersection of governance and natural resources management, strengthening the frameworks, laws and policies and incentive mechanisms of the various institutions that together compose the system of governance or control over natural resources such as fisheries, forestry and protected areas.

Community-based natural resource management PROJECTS

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