Alyona Gerasimova

country director

Christine de Guzman

senior program manager

Podcast: Crisis leadership skills during war: Pact's Alyona Gerasimova in Ukraine

November 22, 2022
In this episode, of NGO Soul + Strategy, Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken interviews Alyona Gerasimova, the Country Director for Pact in Ukraine. 

Photo story: Business Women

November 21, 2022
With Pact's support, women entrepreneurs thrive.

In Ukraine, HIV service monitors deliver critical data to improve care amid war

November 15, 2022
  Interviews in one city revealed that almost no information was available about PrEP, a medication for HIV prevention. In another city, informants told of long wait lists and limited information...

Three key ways to fight the HIV crisis in Ukraine

September 26, 2022
Despite Ukraine’s severe displacement crisis after almost seven months of war and significant damage and losses caused by the hostilities, collaboration between Ukrainian and international partners,...

HIV in Ukraine: Achievements, challenges and a new action plan

September 20, 2022
Eighty-three representatives of NGOs, community organizations, Ukrainian government, donors and international organizations have developed a joint resolution detailing achievements, challenges,...

How Russia’s war impacts the lives of Ukrainian women: Key findings

September 20, 2022
In Ukraine, Pact partners with more than 70 local women's rights organizations across the country. The Women Included: Nurturing Growth and Security (WINGS) project strengthens women’s economic...

Pact and partners hold forum on building the sustainability of HIV services during the war in Ukraine

August 30, 2022
The USAID-funded Community Action for HIV Control project, led by Pact, rallied representatives of civil society, the government and donor organizations in Ukraine to highlight achievements and...

Amid war and hardship, I’ve seen so much resilience: Pact’s Ukraine country director reflects

May 18, 2022
I was asleep when the phone rang around 5 a.m. on Feb. 24. “It’s started,” I heard my son’s voice say. I knew immediately what he meant. The United States and the UK had been warning for months that...

After Russia’s invasion, Pact and partners provide humanitarian assistance for Ukrainians affected by war

May 16, 2022
When Russia attacked Ukraine on Feb. 24, Iryna Trokhym and her colleagues were holding a three-day training in Lviv for women’s rights organizations from across the country’s western regions. Sixteen...