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Thembile Phute

country director

Peter Hopkins

program manager

Pact’s work in Zimbabwe is building the capacity of local organizations and institutions to better meet their public-service missions and address the country’s challenges locally. In addition to strengthening peace and security institutions, we’re supporting local civil society organizations, improving their ability to effectively influence the country's peaceful transition to a fair and transparent democratic system.

We’re also improving the lives of Zimbabwe’s small-scale and artisanal gold miners, working to formalize the sector, bolster safety and environmental standards, and reduce the dangerous use of mercury in gold mining.

Pact began working in Zimbabwe in the 1990s to turn back the scourge of HIV/AIDS, a disease that dramatically cut life expectancy in the country during that decade. Pact and its partners designed local solutions including post-HIV test clubs that encouraged testing among others, reduced stigma and offered support, counseling and referrals for treatment. We also trained hundreds of community volunteers and built the capacity of local organizations to take on HIV/AIDS-related missions, all of which helped raise Zimbabweans' life expectancy.  

Stories and Highlights

The Kiev skyline in Ukraine, where Pact and its partners have worked for nearly a decade to build democracy and government accountability. (Photo: Brian Clark/Pact)

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July 2, 2020
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Reducing mercury’s risks among women miners in Zimbabwe

March 28, 2019
Women in Zimbabwe are slowly joining the mining sector, as it is among the best paying jobs where options are few. Pact provides training and education to women miners in Midlands and Matabeleland...