Natural resource management

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Natural Resource Management

Pact works with local communities and governments to forge effective management systems and build responsible nature-based enterprises, allowing people to benefit from their natural environment.



people that benefited from improved natural resource management in 2017

Pact's promise is a world where resource-dependent communities gain lasting benefit from the sustainable use of the natural resources around them.

Natural resources are just that: resources to be used by those who depend on them, often families with few options who live in or near the forests, croplands, streams and rivers we seek to preserve.

Pact’s practical approach to natural resource management focuses on the interdependencies of nature and people, to the benefit of both.

We believe people and the environment can mutually flourish if stakeholders are involved in solutions.

That’s why Pact works in partnership with communities, institutions and governments to responsibly conserve, sustain and manage natural resources. Our people-centered approach focuses on empowering communities to make their own resource management decisions, working within the realities of population pressure, poverty, an increasing demand for energy and resources and the impacts of a changing climate. Whether the goal is improved biodiversity, conservation or more diversified and profitable livelihoods, people are the key to achieving meaningful results.

Pact ensures stakeholders gain the skills and abilities they need to better manage and sustainably use their natural resources.

Our integrated approach links conservation to livelihoods, governance, knowledge management, conflict resolution, equity and the strengthening of local, regional and national institutions.

In the end, our work benefits both nature and those who rely on nature, so that sustainable environments allow those who are challenged by poverty and marginalization to become heard, capable and vibrant.

Our NRM Work in Action

In historic milestone, Malawi fishing communities take true ownership over local natural resource management

September 3, 2018
The notion of participatory fisheries management isn’t new in Malawi. It was first introduced 25 years ago as a means to address collapsing...
Men and women hard at work at a mine site in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

To stem child labor in mining, it takes a village

August 30, 2018
When was the last time you thought about the minerals inside your cell phone or laptop? Where did they come from? Who mined them?

At a fish 'maternity ward' in Malawi, one man inspires an entire community

July 25, 2018
By Issa Mwanjabe and Mercy Phiri Every morning, 27-year-old Amini Mustafa goes to a swamp near his house, throwing in maize brans and...

WORTH in Malawi: Protecting lakes and empowering local entrepreneurs

May 13, 2018
By Judith Njikho Anna Kankwalala has always worked to contribute income to her household, despite cultural norms here that say it is a man’...

Finding a familiar face – and progress – amid Malawi's FISH

May 2, 2018
In 2015, Monica Mazuwa didn’t seem disillusioned. But as she talked about the challenges facing beach village committees, I wondered how...

At Malawi's Lake Chilwa, local fishing communities make an important decision for their future

April 3, 2018
By Mercy Phiri Lakes are critical to the people of Malawi, providing them with nutrition as well as a vital livelihood. So when local...

Pact to implement USAID project in Madagascar strengthening local governance of natural resources and environmental protection

March 27, 2018
Pact has received a new award from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to build the enabling environment for...

The FISH project in Malawi

December 19, 2017
The fish in lakes Chilwa, Chiuta, Malombe, and Malawi are a precious natural resource and the pride of Malawi. The Fisheries Integration of...

New USAID program to promote smart growth and investment in Asia

October 4, 2017
Today, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) announced a five-year regional program to promote private finance and...

In Ethiopia, forest communities' voices heard loud and clear

September 15, 2017
In 2010, during the USAID-funded Cultural Dialogue Initiative project, Pact’s Ethiopia team supported eight kebeles, or villages, to...