Pact gives voice to those without by fostering national, regional and local governance that’s inclusive, transparent and accountable – making them heard. Our efforts cut across all the work we do.



citizens participating in initiatives that resulted in positive state-society engagement in 2020

Inclusive, transparent and accountable governance is essential to people’s ability to own their future. Pact fosters such governance systems by empowering citizens and communities to speak their truth to power and by enabling government institutions to respond to citizens’ needs, deliver quality services and effectively manage public resources.

Pact helps people who may lack resources, information or influence to exercise their voice through education, networking, coalition-building and advocacy. Our tools and strategies connect people with public servants, enable them to track their activity and efficiency, and give communities a say in policymaking and priorities.

Pact’s emphasis on partnership cultivates grassroots support for reform by encouraging cooperation among governments, communities, civil society and business.

Unless citizens take an active role in their own governance, adminstrations become out-of-touch and nonresponsive or, worse, wasteful and corrupt.


Our Governance Work in Action

Radio call-in show in Somalia

USAID awards Pact, IREX and partners two major awards to strengthen civil society and media for inclusive, representative democratic societies

September 15, 2021
USAID has chosen Pact, along with IREX and our consortium partners, to lead two new regional programs, each titled Civil Society...

Eight initiatives awarded in the 'Walking Towards Justice' awards

September 14, 2021
Community leaders, journalists, lawyers and representatives of human rights organizations were awarded for their work on behalf of migrant...
Participants in the CEADZ Women's Leadership Program. (Credit: Pact)

Driven by data, Pact builds civic engagement for stronger democracies

September 9, 2021
Across the world, the ability of citizens and communities to address urgent, wide-ranging social and economic challenges depends on their...
Banze Mwilambwe Kanage Ferdinand examines his crops, grown with support from the Tanganyika Conflict Mitigation and Reconciliation project. Credit: TCMR

In their own words: Building peace between the Bantu and Batwa in the Democratic Republic of Congo

September 1, 2021
Two years ago, Pact launched the Tanganyika Conflict Mitigation and Reconciliation project in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Funded by...
Fishers in the Mekong Delta depend on both aquaculture and capture fishery. Credit: David Bonnardeaux/Pact

New grants and fellowships aim to raise local voices from the Mekong region

August 26, 2021
It was a regular Wednesday morning in Bangkok. Pact’s Thailand staff, working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic, kept an eye on the...
Hosts of Toronto TV

Ukrainian show uniting citizens around reforms and activism paves the way to sustainability

July 12, 2021
The endless flow of news, updates and messages offered by traditional media outlets can overwhelm citizens. Political control, clickbait...
Governance in Cambodia

Five ideas for supporting CSOs to be more relevant, resilient and sustainable

May 24, 2021
The notion of civil society sustainability used by international development practitioners over-fixates on issues of civil...
'Mama Amani' Elizabeth Kalany. (Credit: Kelah Kathure/Pact)

“Peace is an action of transformed thinking”: A community change agent in Kenya makes peace her life's work

February 25, 2021
Asked what she does for a living, Elizabeth Kalany’s answer is an emphatic, “My work is peace.” It is this selfless pursuit of togetherness...
A meeting of parliament in Ukraine, where Pact has supported democracy since 2012. (Credit: Brian Clark/Pact)

Opinion: Toward a more assertive and humble pro-democracy agenda

February 12, 2021
The past four years have been a time of soul searching for those in the business of deploying U.S. taxpayer resources for the promotion of...

EU-funded RASMI project hands over water pan to border communities in Mandera County

February 1, 2021
The newly constructed waterpoint will help mitigate conflict over water and pasture for the predominantly pastoralist communities along the...